This document provides an overview of GRAIN publications (including booklets, country case studies, a database and an interactive map) regarding seed laws that criminalize farmers.

Twenty-five years ago, GRAIN started to focus on seeds, and seeds have remained a central focus of their work. According to the document, the biodiversity in farmers' fields is eroding at alarming rates, while corporations are reaching unprecedented levels of control over seeds through their push for hybrid and genetically modified seeds. Around the world, governments are promoting or allowing restrictive seed and intellectual property laws that grant exclusive power to the corporate sector while limiting the ability of small farmers to save, exchange and further develop their own varieties. Peasant- and citizen-led movements are emerging and growing to challenge these developments and establish networks to conserve local seeds.

GRAIN - as well as the other SD=HS partners - is part of this growing global movement, which it supports by contributing research, information, capacity and movement building.