Sonia Quispe Ttito joined the Farmer Field Schools almost three years ago and since then she learned a lot about cooking and medicinal plants. ‘My life changed a lot since I joined the Farmer Field Schools. Before I came here, I ate mostly fast food bought at the supermarket. Now I grow crops that originate from this area and I feel much healthier. The food I produce on my own small field is mostly for my own consumption. I can trade some of it at the barter market.’

Sonia is a spokesperson for indigenous peoples. In Quechua language, she made her statement during the 23rd Conference of Parties in Bonn (2017): (translated) 'I come from the community of Choquecancha, in the district of Lares, in the Región of Cusco, Peru. (...) The women have a very important role in agriculture and in the food and nutrition security of our households and communities. All the varieties of cultivars we have are under our responsibility, making us the guardians of seeds. We also care for our wild species and ensure that these species are preserved, used carefully and in a sustainable way.'

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