This Facilitators’ Field Guide for Farmer Field Schools on Participatory Plant Breeding aims to assist facilitators in conducting Farmer Field School (FFS) sessions on participatory plant breeding (PPB) in their respective communities. In this context, participatory plant breeding should be understood in a broad sense: it includes participatory variety enhancement and participatory variety selection (both approaches working with established farmers’ varieties and/or stable breeding lines), as well as participatory variety development, the full cycle breeding involving selection in heterogeneous populations and sometimes the making of crosses (hybridization).

This field guide, as its name suggests, is intended to be used by facilitators and trainers whilst conducting FFS activities in the field. It has been made as concise and practical as possible. It should be used in combination with the Training of Trainers Manual, which discusses topics that trainers or facilitators of Farmer Field Schools need to familiarize themselves with prior to commencing the FFS season, and possibly later through refresher courses.

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