In this document, the strategy and step-by-step application of “Stratified Mass Selection” (SMS) is outlined under the field conditions of farmers, as a product of various field experiences. These experiences were obtained under the framework of participatory plant breeding with the objective of allowing farmers dedicated to maize cultivation to have practical technical alternatives for improving the yield and productivity of maize. This methodology has been proposed as an alternative for the improvement of crops by universities and international organizations, such as international centres, national programmes, and others recognized by respective bibliographic merits.

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Original report in Spanish

This publication was made possible by the consortium formed by FUNDIT-ASOCUCH-ICTA for the management, conservation, and use of maize agrobiodiversity in Los Cuchumatanes, Huehuetenango, and with the support of the Norwegian Development Fund (NDF). The original Spanish version of this document was translated by Oxfam Novib.

SD=HS likes to thank the author of this report, Mario Roberto Fuentes Lopez and the FUNDIT, ASOCUCH, and ICTA consortium for sharing this work.