Harvesting security

Sowing Diversity = Harvesting Security

In 2050 there will be over nine billion mouths to feed worldwide. To realize this we need to drastically change the current unsustainable and unequal food production systems. SD=HS contributes to this change from local to global and vice versa. We help empower indigenous peoples and smallholder farmers to reclaim their role in contributing to food security and to strengthen their adaptive capacities. Food security starts with crop diversity. With farmers, local communities, scientists and national and global policymakers we collaborate towards more crop diversity in order to secure a sustainable and gender-just food production system that serves everyone.
Four Pillars
Photo: Jiska van der Heide/Oxfam Novib
Jiska van der Heide/Oxfam Novib
Sven Torfinn/Oxfam Novib
Hoang Huy/Oxfam Novib