Oxfam Novib and South Centre organized an event on patents and Digital Sequence Information on the side of the Eighth Session of the Governing Body of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (FAO Treaty) that took place in Rome from November 9 to 16. With three presentations, bringing in a range of perspectives on the topics, and over 80 visitors, the event was successful in bringing new insights on trends in the patenting of plant genetic material and digital sequence information around the world, and reflecting on the impact of these trends in light of the Treaty and the accessibility of PGRFA for further research, breeding and use by farmers around the world.

The side event featured three presentations:

  • Prof. Correa (South Centre) presented the results of his research into the extent to which plants and plant genetic material are being patented in the Global South. Go to publication on The status of patenting plants in the Global South.

  • Mrs. Csörgő (Euroseeds) presented current discussions and the legal landscape regarding the patentability of plants and essentially biological processes in the EU.

  • Prof. Bagley (Emory University) described current trends regarding the patenting of products and processes based on digital sequence information focusing on the US.

View presentation slides.